Day 18: Let there be light


Today was so busy I almost forgot to post! It’s only day 18 but it feels like I’ve been participating in the challenge much longer.
TK has not been his usual self today. I can’t quite put my finger on it, he’s just full of cuddles. Cuddles are nothing to complain about. I love them.
LG’s parents are visiting. Today, LG & his father installed an oven and built a cavity for the microwave. The lighting in our kitchen has been an issue since we bought the place. It’s dull and horrid. Today, much to my delight, LG’s father installed new lights in our kitchen. It is wonderful!
The house has certainly been a hive of activity today. But, we did all pause to watch TK eat his first solids. He didn’t reject the meal, but he didn’t squeal with delight either. He simply took the food and swallowed. LG was keen to see TK eat more and administered the food quite quickly. We were eventually able to convince LG slow and steady is best.
I think we’re all looking forward to a good nights sleep. Here’s hoping TK is too!


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