Day 20: Grounding & learning


Last night TK discovered he could yell. It’s a loud, demanding yell which ends with a shriek. Today, TK practiced his yell; all day. But that’s okay, he’s finding his voice and learning how he goes about getting what he wants.
We seem to be finding our voices together. There have been some things about parenthood which have come as no surprise to me, and then there are the things I just wasn’t expecting. The biggest shock has been just how prepared I am to speak up about things I’m just not comfortable with. Things which previously made me slightly uneasy, I now view from a different perspective. I’m forever considering how TK views and absorbs situations, behaviours and interactions and questioning what sort of example I want to set for him.

Things have been a little hectic the last couple of days. LG and I have been looking for a fridge to replace the current fridge, which is leaking water and warping our floor. This morning was a quick dash out the door, followed by some bargaining with sales reps. TK wasn’t shy on yelling when he wanted to have a sleep. Finally, by lunch time we had purchased our new fridge. We quickly returned home, as LG had booked a golf game. TK spent the afternoon yelling each time he required something of me. The heat was making us both cranky. When the sun sunk low enough that our yard was shaded, I placed a blanket on the grass, made myself a nice, refreshing, icy mocktail and sat on the lawn with TK. His feet kicked the blanket away a little and his feet rested on the grass. He stared in wonderment as he felt the cool, soft grass against his feet.
Whenever I’m doubting myself, I love to put my bare feet on the earth, breathe and simply be. I placed my feet next to TK’s on the grass and reassured myself it’s okay to find a new voice; just as TK is doing. Rather than feel guilty about speaking up, I need to remind myself it’s okay to want the best for your child, and to expect the best. If ever there was a reason to find a strong voice, TK is certainly it.


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