Day 111: Great hugs



Day 110: Northward bound


Day 109: What fields?


I bought the new ‘Strawberry Fields’ Tic Tacs. I like strawberry. This is not strawberry. They taste like pepper and poison. Poisoned Pepper Fields.

Day 108: Sleep, Play, Feed


We’re completing a pit stop at home before journeying to LG’s parents in the north of the state. TK’s asleep in the car, the dog is playing in the park and I’m contemplating what we shall eat when we return to the house.

Day 107: Southward bound


It’s ANZAC Day and we’ve headed south to visit my family. I’ve never been so aware of the physical distance since having TK. It’s hard not having family close by and I enjoy being able to visit and have TK spend time with family. Our arrival is always met by ‘One Tree Hill’ and it’s our last sight as we round the corner upon departure.

Day 106: Great Mates


Day 105: Nice Clouds